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Cougar Cratus: a strange case for the PC | Digital Trends Spanish

If you’re a fan of unique PC skins, you might like this new version from Cougar, a company that manufactures PC components and playground equipment. Easily one of the strangest cases I’ve seen, the Cougar Cratus it’s a massive desktop case made to house some of the best components on the market.

However, this is definitely one of those things that you can either love or hate – it’s hard to find a happy medium with a design like this. Let’s take a closer look at this unusual tempered glass case.


When it comes to desktop PC cases, especially those geared towards gamers, manufacturers continue to try to create the best cases they can while striving to keep the design somewhat interesting. We all know what a gaming PC case looks like these days, and in fact, most of them look pretty much the same. Cougar’s Cratus is now here to break convention and serve up something that’s equal parts weird and awesome.

The Cougar Cratus is a massive case, measuring 283mm wide, 636mm tall and 635mm deep. It is large enough to house an E-ATX motherboard. It features an odd, sloping design with tubular chucks that support the base of the case. I can’t tell if it’s meant to look like Robocop, a sports car, or a mix of the two, but the design is certainly unique. Whether it fits into your home and desktop is another thing entirely, but I could see that it looks great in a gaming environment.

Fans of RGB lighting will like the RGB light bar on top of the case, and of course the fans are also RGB if you want to add even more pizzaz to the already flashy Cratus in design. The case features tempered glass panels on the top, front, and sides, meaning you’ll be able to see your PC’s internals from every angle. Make an impression, especially with flashy lighting.

Cougar Cratus PC case seen from the side.

Aside from the glass and tubing, the case also has a very open-air type of design, which means fantastic airflow, but also potentially a bit of dust buildup.

If you’re about to build a new PC, using one of the best GPUs and CPUs, you’ll need a lot of cooling to keep these beasts comfortable. In that regard, the Cougar Cratus definitely delivers: with three case fans and room for more cargo, you should see good temperatures across the board. In addition to the fans that are already included, you can also install three 120mm fans on the top and sides, one 120mm rear fan, and two front fans. The front and top mounts can also be used for two 140mm fans, and the case supports radiator sizes up to 360mm on the side and top, as well as 280mm in the front.

We don’t know how much this case is going to cost or when it will be available for sale. It certainly has a divisive design, just like this cyberPowerPC case that was revealed during CES 2022.

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