Saturday, September 30

Couple is robbed and loses R$ 2.26 million in bitcoin

An Italian couple was robbed on the island of Bali, Indonesia on the second Saturday of this month, on the 11th. Indonesia CNN, the local police informed that the losses are 5.8 billion Indonesian rupees in Bitcoin, equivalent to R$ 2.26 million reais.

In addition, the news reports that the police have already detained two British defendants and included two others in the wanted list. The information is that these outlaws are also linked to the crime in question.

This raises the question of security again, which can be easily broken with the “single wrench attack”. So keep your investments private, no one needs to know how many BTCs you have.

Assault on the couple aimed at cryptocurrencies

According to reports from the victims, those accused of the crime were already known to them. The first, named Nicola, was a former employee of the victim, while the second was recognized for attending a party at Nicola’s house.

While you may have security best practices, it’s valid to cite “sword key attack” as the biggest point of failure when storing your bitcoins.

Cartoon Bitcoin and the Wrench / Reproduction

In other words, if the victim is physically threatened, he will provide access to his bitcoins. And that’s exactly what happened in Bali, though, with a knife in place of a wrench.

After breaking into the house where the victims were staying, the scammers held them captive, tying their hands and legs. After that, the assailants beat the victims and carried out death threats with a knife to reveal their passwords.

With full access to cell phones and accounts on bitcoin exchanges, the robbers were then able to withdraw the cryptocurrencies deposited into their wallets. Although two of them are already in custody, Indonesian police are now looking for two more suspects.

Your safety is important

This is yet another example of taking extra precautions beyond using complex passwords and hardware wallets. After all, a 5 reais knife already compromises all your safety, or not even that, if the aggressor uses social engineering techniques.

So keep your investments private if you don’t want to have your bitcoins stolen or, worse yet, have your life threatened after someone hears you own cryptocurrencies.

Finally, it is clear that this is difficult to apply, after all Bitcoin is currently one of the most popular subjects in the world. Even so, avoid talking about amounts and if someone asks if you have “Kreptocoins or Bitcoio”, just answer with a simple “I don’t”.