Wednesday, August 10

Court orders to block assets of MSK and its two partners

A judge in São Paulo ordered the assets of MSK Operações e Investimentos and its two partners to be blocked in a new decision. Based in São Paulo, MSK Operações e Investimentos LTDA claimed to be a “crypto asset consultancy” in public appearances.

In this way, customers were invited by acquaintances to contribute to the business, which was “paying right”.

Upon learning about the investment proposal, it was possible to see that the company promised to pay returns of 2% to 5% per month. The variation of the promise was according to the contribution of the customers.

When making an investment with the company, a contract was signed stating that the yield period was six months. After that, customers would have their contract renewed or could withdraw their values.

However, since 2021, several customers are no longer able to withdraw their values ​​and the justice system in Brazil has already registered more than 100 cases. Estimates indicate that at least 4,000 people invested in this alleged fraudulent investment scheme.

As a justification, the company pointed out that the lack of market regulation is what motivated the end of the business, offering some customers the chance to withdraw their investment in installments of 10 times. This situation is causing anger in many investors.

Judge orders to block assets of MSK Operations and its two partners

In a lawsuit filed in the São Paulo Court of Justice, an MSK investor filed a lawsuit in the amount of BRL 200,000.00. As defendants, she placed the company and its two partners, Glaidson Tadeu Rosa and Carlos Eduardo de Lucas.

The investor in question is a famous chef in São Paulo, having participated in the Reality Show Mestre do Sabor by Rede Globo and was the one who lost money with this investment using the image of Bitcoin.

In court, she asked for the return of her money contributed to MSK and the seizure of the value in the company’s and partners’ accounts.

“Disgruntled, the plaintiff seeks the full refund of the amount via attachment precaution against the company and its partners.”

The head chef even asked for urgent guardianship in the case, but her request was rejected. However, after a new analysis, a judge determined that this amount should be blocked in the accounts of the partners and MSK, in the “stubborn” modality.

Members will have five days to manifest

As this decision affected MSK’s partners, the judge determined that they will have five days to respond after the summons. In this way, they must inform the justice of the problem and seek to defend themselves against the accusations against them.

This company even drew attention to Procon-SP, which notified this company after numerous complaints from its customers.

Fur Complain here, several complaints have already been registered, showing that the problems go to MSK and now its partners.