Friday, January 21

Court suspends verdict of Epic Games lawsuit against Apple | Digital Trends Spanish

The trial between Epic Games and Apple does not stop. Now, an appeals court has suspended the process, which means that Apple is not required, for now, to accept third-party payment systems within iOS.

The new ruling says that Apple managed, with its appeal, “to raise some doubts about the original verdict of the district court.” Therefore, the part of that ruling that required Tim Cook’s company to abide by the order to accept new means of payment is suspended until the appeal process is completed in full.

The deadline to fulfill that order expired on December 9. Apple always opposed this, claiming that opening its system would bring very serious consequences in relation to the security and privacy of the operating system.

In November, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez dismissed the company’s arguments, as it was a “selective reading” of the verdict. However, this suspension is a small victory for Cupertino.

What the apple company will have to comply with is the order to allow application developers to communicate with users through “points of contact obtained voluntarily” when registering an account in any application.

Now perhaps the most important question for many people is this:Fortnite is it close to returning to iOS? The truth is that there is no reason to think that Apple could accept the popular game again. The court rulings are in line with the idea of ​​allowing Apple to open its system a little in terms of payment methods, but in no case do they force it to accept the game in its ecosystem.

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