Tuesday, October 4

Cousin Rico invests in Ethereum

In his famous painting Towards the Billion, Cousin Rico, Thiago Nigro announced the purchase of Ethereum for the first time.

In recent years, the cousin has already bought Bitcoin on several occasions, but Ethereum he had never publicly declared the purchase. He is currently a partner at brokerage Biscoint, a platform that lists Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT.

Founding partner of Grupo Primo, Thiago Nigro is considered one of the biggest financial influencers in Brazil and the world, with more than 5 million followers on his YouTube channel alone.

Cousin Rico buys Ethereum with an eye on network applications

In the cryptocurrency market for a few years, the Ethereum (ETH) is a digital currency that currently ranks second in the Cripto Market, with a value of more than R$21 thousand per unit.

This technology pioneered the creation of smart contracts, NFTs, DeFi, ICOs, among others, which ended up leading to a great growth of innovation in the sector. Despite criticism of the project, this remains one of the biggest on the market and many people are betting that it should grow even more.

One of those who showed belief in this future is Primo Rico, which announced the purchase of R$ 50 thousand in Ethereum in recent days, in its Rumo ao Bilhão painting. With the public acquisition of 2.21 Ethers, he added the value to his cryptocurrency portfolio, which already had Bitcoin.

When buying Ethereum, the cousin also saw that Bitcoin had an interesting price behavior in 2021, with an expressive annual return in relation to the Real.

“So, look, I bought 2.21 Ethers. This is what we usually use to buy NFTs, there are many things being built on the Ethereum network, I will talk a lot more about this in other videos. So I bought it”.

“We don’t know what will happen to the future of Ethereum”

After buying Ethereum, Primo Rico said he doesn’t know what will happen to the future of this network. Anyway, as there is a lot going on in space, such as WEB 3.0, DAOs, NFTs, among others, that can boost the network.

He showcased the OpenSea NFT marketplace and looked for CryptoPunks, a famous collection created in 2017 by Larva Labs.

“Generally NFTs are traded with Ethereum. So I bought some Ethereum to expose myself a little more to the crypto market.”

Primo Rico’s cryptocurrency portfolio does not have much exposure to the market, but it still has a “foot” in the market. Its Towards Billion portfolio, for example, has less than 2% in this market.

Primo Rico’s Towards Billion Portfolio, balance in Cryptocurrency is 1.14% / Reproduction