Monday, November 29

Covid-19 and investors

After several months of absence from the list of investor concerns, the Covid-19 has reappeared with force.

It has not yet reached the top of the risks that threaten the market, which is still led by inflation. But the consequences of the sixth wave are beginning to show in the minds of investors.

The return to a scenario that already seemed discarded, that of confinements, is a reality. And after Austria, AlemaniA may be the next country is to announce restrictions that can slow down economic activity in full recovery.

The other side of the pandemic

As a counterpart to this situation, pharmaceutical companies go public, especially after the approval in the United States of a booster dose for the entire population.

Pfizer is trading free as it breaks its all-time highs, while Modern it has been revalued by 20 percent in five sessions.

In Spain, the pharmaceutical company with the best prospects is Rovi, which produces Moderna’s vaccines. It is the best positioned for the final stretch of the year

This will be one of today’s informative arguments on

Attention to the Eurozone PMIs

Also, the publication of November Eurozone PMI data they will focus the attention of the market, as they are a good clue to see the progress of the economy. The forecasts are not very positive, as a lower reading than that of the previous month is expected.

In the case of the services PMI, it is expected to stand at 57.3 points, compared to 58.3 in October. In services, the forecast is 53.5 points. The previous month it was 54.6.

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