Wednesday, October 27

COVID-19: getting vaccinated also helps improve mental health | Digital Trends Spanish

Health authorities have indicated that vaccines are the most effective method to slow the advance of the coronavirus pandemic.

For this reason, they have encouraged its application in addition to other measures such as the use of masks and the recommendation to avoid crowds.

Now, research conducted by the University of Southern California, concluded that getting vaccinated against the coronavirus would help improve mental health, reducing the probability of feeling depressed by 15 percent.

The results of the study were published in the journal PLoS One. At work, the researchers followed people who received a first dose between December 2020 and March 2021.

Thus, they found that those who had received an injection were less likely to show signs of mild or severe depression, compared to those who had not been vaccinated.

“People who are vaccinated may be less concerned about getting infected. They could be more socially active or try new job opportunities, ”the researchers noted.

This is important, since it is proven that anxiety and anguish rates have skyrocketed among the population due to forced confinement due to the health crisis.

The authors think that their research could motivate more people to get vaccinated, since this would also be associated with a social benefit, and not just personal.

“People who are not vaccinated can still feel less fear and concern about illness or death in their loved ones and can benefit from the social and economic opportunities that widespread vaccination provides, proving once again that vaccination is not effective. it deals only with your own health; it’s about improving health outcomes for all of us, ”they conclude.

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