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COVID-19: They sell kit to get infected and avoid vaccination | Digital Trends Spanish

In recent weeks, several European countries have watched with concern an increase in the number of people infected with coronavirus.

The authorities of these territories have had to adopt radical measures, such as compulsory vaccination for all inhabitants, in the case of Austria.

The problem, although it seems incredible to admit it, is that there are people who want to voluntarily become infected with SARS-CoV-2. A few days ago a website was discovered in the Netherlands that sold a kit that claimed to contain the virus so that people could catch it.

According to the researchers, the intention of the customers was to purchase the package, called the Corona Kit, to become infected and avoid vaccination.

For now, the authorities are investigating who is behind this dangerous sale and who managed the site from where it was offered and is no longer available.

What did it consist of?

The package could be purchased for just over $ 37. The person who acquired it had to ingest a liquid with the pathogen.

“The virus that you receive is not older than three months, so you can be sure that it also contains the latest mutations and variants, ”stated the information on the kit.

According to the product instructions, the contents of the infected liquid had to be emptied into a glass of water, left in the mouth for a few seconds and then swallowed.

The package also included an antigen test so that the person could check if they had really been infected. In addition, it was explained that the product was going to be delivered to the buyer’s home in a period that ranged from two to five business days.

A kind of guarantee was even offered for those cases that turned out negative. “If no active change occurred during the installation of the crown kit, a second crown kit can be used.”

Several people posted images of the controversial product on social media.

Darwin Award next Level:
In den Niederlanden kann man jetzt Corona-Kits zur Selbstinfizierung bestellen. So wollen Verirrte die 2Gs Getestet & amp; Geimpft umgehen und den Status & quot; Genesen & quot; erreichen oder den Tod.

& mdash; element (@__investigate__) November 18, 2021

Er liggen op dit moment 2.000 mensen met covid in het ziekenhuis. Een stel waanzinnigen heeft een site waar je een ‘corona kit’ kan bestellen om je vrijwillig te laten besmetten. Om groene vinkjes te krijgen.

Dan ben je gestord en heb je naast vaccin ook een psycholoog nodig.

& mdash; Benny From The Block. 🍌 (@BlockBenny) November 18, 2021

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