Friday, December 9

Covid-19 vaccines: the WTO could release patents in the coming months

According to what this media was able to know, the project that will be approached at the beginning of 2022 within the framework of the WTO, will be different from the one that did not reach the consensus of the international community this year. The original initiative, promoted by India and South Africa, called for the liberation of the property rights of a wide group of articles. In this case, only vaccines and their technology transfer will be targeted so that all countries in a position to scale production will join the manufacturing process.

“Everything indicates that next year there will be a patent waiver,” said Villegas Beltrán, Argentine ambassador to international organizations, including the WTO, which will also assume the presidency of the UN Human Rights Council in 2022. country name. In that sense, he said: “in the coming months we will have news.”

The official’s statement is in line with an opinion of the UN Human Rights Council, which this year consecrated equitable access to vaccines as a Human Right. In addition, the release of patents has a concrete precedent in a 2002 resolution when a health and trade initiative related to drugs to deal with avian flu was approved.

This week, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development estimated that the global recovery of the economy will be 4.5% in 2022 and 3.2% in 2023. However, it warned that these rates could decelerate by a new wave of infections. At the same time, he highlighted that countries with low vaccination rates show lower growth rates.

At the local level, both the Minister of Economy Martín Guzmán and the president of the BCRA, Miguel Pesce, remarked in the monetary sessions that the entity organized in November that the growth projection of 4% for 2022 will be tied to the course of the pandemic .