Tuesday, July 5

COVID-19: worrying outbreak in the country with the most vaccinated | Digital Trends Spanish

Israel has had to again impose the use of masks in two towns near Tel-Aviv after outbreaks were registered in two schools.

This situation has caused concern because Israel is the country with the highest number of vaccinated people in the world; in fact, the authorities had lifted several sanitary measures when the spread of COVID-19 seemed more controlled.

However, health experts in the country explained to the Israeli press that these brief increases are “completely expected” and that it is not yet the time to raise a “red flag.”

The Delta variant, formerly known as the Indian variant, is also believed to be the cause of at least some of these confirmed cases.

These outbreaks were detected in two schools. In Binyamina, 45 students tested positive for Covid-19 and around fifteen new cases were identified in Modiin. Among those infected, up to a third were vaccinated.

Haim Bibas, mayor of Modiin, asked the directors of the establishments to make the use of masks mandatory; in addition to suggesting that parents avoid entering schools.

“We must do everything possible to avoid a new epidemic,” said the authority.

For Eyal Leshem, director of the Sheba Medical Center Center for Travel Medicine and Tropical Diseases in Tel Hashomer, these latest outbreaks tell us what the future might look like.

“People who are not vaccinated can become infected and people who are fully vaccinated can become infected, but they will be protected from serious diseases,” added the expert.

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