Monday, May 23

COVID-negative students leave Palma hotel

Some 170 study trip students who were in quarantine in Palma due to the COVID-19 macro outbreak and who have tested negative have already left the Bellver hotel, where they had been confined since last Saturday, to go to the port and the airport of the Balearic capital to leave the island. The boarding operation of the young people, carried out with complete tranquility, began at 6.30 am and ended at 8.45 am.

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In total, three buses have left for the port of Palma, where this morning they will travel in a “bubble boat” to Valencia, and a fourth bus, with a few students, has gone to the San Sant Joan airport to fly to the peninsula .

Once they reach the peninsula, all students will be given a new test before heading to their respective cities.

The Contentious Court number 3 of Palma ordered this Wednesday to maintain only the confinement of young peninsulars traveling in Mallorca who have tested positive for COVID-19, so that about 70 students are confined in the hotel. In relation to the rest, the measure is not ratified as the Administration has not accredited that they are close contacts with positive young people, sources from the Balearic Executive indicate through a statement. According to the resolution, in the case of young people who have tested negative or have not undergone the test, the measure adopted by the Administration in limiting a fundamental right is therefore not considered proportionate.