Friday, January 21

Create a humanoid robot with impressive human expressions | Digital Trends Spanish

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Did you remember the amazing cyborgs of I robot, Will Smith’s film based on the novel by Isaac Asimov? Well, reality has already surpassed fiction. Take a look at the incredible cybor of the British robotics company Engineered Arts.

Amazing, right? Well, this amazing cyborg will be on display at the CES 2022 technology fair, which by the way, we will have coverage in Digital Trends in Spanish.

As you’ve probably noticed, the most amazing thing about the Engineered Arts cyborg named Ameca is his astonishing level of expressiveness. His brow furrows and his eyes show surprise, almost like a human. And although it seems that we are still far from walking among cyborgs like the ones we saw in I robotDefinitely the expressiveness of his wrists makes him an impressive robot.

Engineered Arts ensures that achieving this level of expressiveness in Ameca is a job that has taken them 20 years of research.

The company intends the robot to be a development platform that serves to test how an artificial intelligence algorithm or a system of machine learning.

But of course, as Ameca is impressive on its own, Engineered Arts intends that its robot is also used as an attraction to capture people’s attention in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. Precisely, that is what the company will do at CES 2022, where it will upload an artificial intelligence algorithm for Ameca to interact with attendees, to whom it will surely show several of its expressive faces.

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