Tuesday, February 27

Create a virtual girlfriend so his parents don’t bother him | Digital Trends Spanish

Unmesh Dinda is a photographer who has no girlfriend in real life, and frankly he doesn’t care, but his parents do, who have been bothering him for a long time to introduce his future wife.

Therefore, already tired of the repetitive request, Dinda created a virtual girlfriend, just using the software PiXimperfectand has explained through his account from YouTube how easy it is to create your own “digital partner” through artificial intelligence. “If your relatives are more worried about you getting married than you are, you should send them a photo like this. This will keep you wondering for a while,” he begins in the video.

this girl does not exist…

The photographer made use of the DALL-E tool and took advantage of the development to upload a selfie he took and then used the painting function. Repaint allowed the user to erase part of the image and then guide DALL-E to fill that space by entering a text message.

Then, after erasing a bride-sized space in the image, the photographer wrote “man with girlfriend,” which generates a selection of fake couples.

Mind you, Dall-E has a hard time generating believable human faces, so the photographer had to cut out his “girlfriend’s” face and export it to another AI photo editing program called GFP-GAN, which made the face of women was much more realistic. The photo was then loaded into Photoshop and aligned over the original image to create, now, a convincing “bride”.

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