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Create an Apple Car based on current Apple patents | Digital Trends Spanish

There are still several years to go before the Apple Car, Apple’s car, is a reality. However, to liven up the wait, a UK company created a design for Apple’s future, based on the patents already held by the Cupertino company.

The Apple Car created by Vanarama It looks perhaps too futuristic for what Apple would do, but each part has its explanation. For example, the vehicle’s front grille, which is adorned with the apple logo in the center, is based on the Mac Pro’s ventilation system.

Meanwhile, the interior systems are a new version of Siri for navigation. The main screen – which is also based on an Apple patent – allows you to accommodate the controls to the user’s liking while not using any border, as has been seen in recent versions of the iPhone.

Aesthetic details of the vehicle are also inspired by Apple designs, such as the color that, although not a patent, is similar to that of the iPhone 4. The car has a structure without pillars and the seat configuration is also adaptable, depending on what indicates another Apple patent with the code US10309132B1.

Vanarama designed the vehicle thinking that this could be a kind of mini-SUV and the exercise is still interesting because beyond the patents and technology, there are so far no specific details of how the vehicle will look in its final version .

Apple has been working on the future Apple Car for a few years, and although there have been periods in which the project seems dormant, everything indicates that Apple’s car will be a reality in a couple of years and that the company does not plan throw the idea away.

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