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Create backpacks that can handle the Google Assistant | Digital Trends Spanish

The manufacturer of bags and suitcases Samsonite announced the launch of Konnect-i, a backpack that is capable of connecting to the smartphone to control music and activate the Google Assistant.

The secret? Jacquard technology from Google, which allows you to add touch controls to clothing.

It debuted in a Levi’s Trucker jacket, which recognizes the gestures of the person who is wearing it, and later arrived in a Cit-E backpack by Yves Saint Laurent and Adidas soccer shoes, among other items.

The heart of smart clothing

Samsonite smart backpacks
The Jacuard Tag.

The heart of the technology is the Jacquard Tag, a small device with Bluetooth technology that makes everyday items “more useful,” as Google described.

Whether tactile or motion-based, the Jacquard Tag is capable of interpreting different custom inputs for garments.

The Jacquard Tag device has a battery life of between 10 days and two weeks on one charge.

Samsonite backpacks

Samsonite’s Konnect-I backpacks that integrate Google’s Jacquard technology will have the same features. They come in two styles, slim ($ 199) and standard ($ 219).

In case, the backpacks have a slot in one of their straps, where the Jacquard Tag is stored.

Above this space, they have a tactile control area that responds to gestures by scrolling. These are programmed to run Google Assistant commands.

The strap also lights up with LED lights to display notifications and can be used as a remote control for selfies, points out The Verge.

The backpack is waterproof, according to Samsonite.

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