Wednesday, July 6

Create laser system to detect dog poop | Digital Trends Spanish

An experiment has gone viral, it is the idea of ​​a young man named Caleb Olson, who developed a laser system to detect the poop of his dog Corgi, and thus be able to pick up the waste.

The idea also has another precedent, and it is an artificial intelligence created by Olson that detected the places where the dog was going to relieve itself, based on the camera recording of the history of the corners it used.

Whenever the AI ​​model detected a poop, it would highlight the spot in the backyard with a red circle on the live image from the security camera, making it easy to find all the poop afterwards, but it wasn’t as easy as it could be. .

The professionalization of the invention came with the creation of the bright green laser system connected to a robotic arm. The system calculates the closest poo and projects a green dot on the ground in front of Olsen that physically guides him to its location. When it detects another gesture (Olsen bending down to pick up the poop), the system moves on to the next poop and then the next, slowly leading Olsen to the unpleasant job of picking up his friend’s waste.

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