Thursday, October 28

Create system to control drones with hand gestures | Digital Trends Spanish

Controlling a single drone is a relatively easy task, especially thanks to the remote control. But doing the same with a group of drones simultaneously is already something very different and for this, Russian researchers developed a method that allows many drones to be moved at the same time through gestures and hand movements.

The work was carried out by the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology in Moscow and is based on a system called DronePaint, with which a trajectory is “drawn” in the air and that the drone recognizes as a movement to follow.

The paper of the research explains that the system allows “to directly control a swarm of drones in a complex environment, through a trajectory traced with a hand gesture recognition interface”.

For trajectory recognition, a technology called Light Painting, or in Spanish, light painting. The Light Painting It is done by capturing high-exposure images of moving light, creating a kind of drawing in the air.

Then, the drone’s camera detects that drawing and performs the corresponding movements according to the trajectory.

The team of researchers not only created the system for the drones to follow a trajectory, but also for them to recognize some gestures for specific movements. For example, for a drone to take flight, two gestures are performed in order: first, raising the index finger and then, raising the thumb as if it were a like.

According to the document published by the Institute, the results so far have been quite good, since a 99.75 percent recognition accuracy of the gestures made by the operators was measured.

At the moment the system is in an experimental phase, but its operation so far opens the door for applications of all kinds, either for individual drones or for swarms in much more complex environments.

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