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Create with your partner the ideal playlist on Spotify | Digital Trends Spanish

A single song can bring back meaningful memories for you and your partner, and that piece may have become a staple on your playlists. Now, how about the idea of ​​having an updatable playlist that combines some of what you and that special someone listen to on Spotify? It’s like constantly giving away songs, don’t you think? We tell you how to create this playlist with a few simple steps.

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The best playlist on Spotify for couples

To create a shared playlist, which combines the music that you and another person play, it is necessary to resort to the tool of Fusion of the streaming music service.

Open the app and tap on the magnifying glass icon. Select the section of created for you. In the new interface choose the option Create a merge.

It explains to you what the playlist consists of. Click on Invite to generate the link that will allow your partner to join the playlist. It is possible to send it by different means, from WhatsApp to email.

Once you accept it, you will be able to find this shared playlist on created for you or in the section playlists in your library.

When you open it, in addition to indicating that it is updated daily, you have options such as these:

  • Identify if the song was taken from your playback or your partner’s.
  • Download the playlist to listen to offline or on the go.
  • Use the radio function to have songs related to the playlist.
  • See the history of the merger, which highlights data on the musical taste between the two.

Also within the alternatives on this list is to abandon it, which means that the merger can be eliminated for both.

Spotify does not require a maximum number of merges, which opens up the possibilities of sending the corresponding link to your dearest friends.

In section created for you There are also various mixes that seek to please your musical taste, of course, based on what you listen to on Spotify. Mixes by genre, by artist, by decade and according to your mood are some of them.

Likewise, there are the Daily Route and Daily Podcasts lists, in which it is possible to listen to “a mix of news and music made for you”, and podcast episodes that might interest you, respectively.

Finally, what created for you it can represent your deepest side when it comes to music, and now also the one you have in common with that special someone.

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