Friday, November 26

Crew-2 returns to Earth six months later: a new record for SpaceX and NASA

On April 23 we told you that SpaceX Crew-2 was about to take off. It was a historic mission, in which four astronauts from three different space agencies and aboard a ship belonging to a private company traveled together.

After spending almost 200 days in orbit, Crew-2 has successfully returned to Earth, having marked several milestones in the mission.

A historic and successful mission

Image of the Falcon 9 rocket and the Crew Dragon ship.

Crew-2 has successfully returned to Earth, manned by astronauts from the NASA Shane Kimbrough and Megan McArthur, the astronaut of the THIS Thomas Pesquet and the astronaut of the JAXA Akihiko Hoshide. Successful recovery of Crew-2 has been several milestones for space flights.

This is the first manned mission in which both the ship and the rocket are reused

The Crew-2 mission marks the first time that an orbital space capsule twice transports humans to orbit, as well as having spent more time in space than any other manned space capsule.

This is the first time that NASA has launched and reused both the spacecraft and the rocket, a big step for SpaceX. The capsule used in this mission is the Endeavor, the same one used in the mission Demo-2, and the ship the well-known Falcon 9 of the mission Crew-1. In the same way, it is the first time that an ESA astronaut travels aboard a SpaceX ship.

This mission has had an important scientific ambition, since the four astronauts have carried out a series of experiments under microgravity conditions, including evaluating how these conditions affect human cells.

SpaceX thus shows that it has the necessary technology to reuse a large part of the space vehicles it has launched abroad, which represents significant cost savings.

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