Wednesday, December 8

Criminals beat and torture businessman in bitcoin theft

Violence against cryptocurrency investors continues to be something that is increasingly evident around the world and is beginning to take on ever more extreme proportions. According to local news, a businessman from Spain suffered a robbery at his home and was tortured by criminals seeking access to his bitcoins.

Zaryn Dentzel, founder of the social network Tuenti, resident in Spain, had his house invaded by a criminal group that tortured him to steal tens of millions in euros that were stored in bitcoins.

The businessman, who kept part of his fortune in cryptocurrency, reported the theft to the Federal Police, after being tortured for several hours. Information is from the website Crypto News.

Millionaire beaten and tortured in bitcoin theft

The fact occurred earlier this week, on November 2, 2021. During the time that the businessman was under the command of criminals, he was tortured and beaten to hand over the passwords to his cryptocurrency wallets, which he ended up doing after a few hours. Dentzel told police that he lost millions of euros saved in bitcoins to the robbers.

In addition to the robbery, it was also reported that the group tried to kidnap the businessman, but the action was not completed. In addition to the stolen bitcoins, criminals also took technological equipment, such as laptops, cell phones and tablets. All the criminal action took place in an apartment in the center of Madrid.

The criminals entering the apartment covered the security cameras and tortured the businessman using electric shocks performed with a taser and also performed wounds with blades, such as a “body in his chest”.


One of Dentzel’s neighbors heard screams during the action and called the police, however by the time authorities were called the criminals had already escaped. Several neighbors claimed to have seen the hooded group as they fled.

It is not known how the criminals knew that the businessman had Bitcoin, whether the action was planned with that in mind or just a “chance” by the criminals, which is less likely. According to the victim’s description of the criminals, they may be from Eastern Europe.

This type of crime is becoming a problem for many investors and those who have cryptocurrencies in store. The golden tip is, as always, never revealing that you have this kind of value at home, not even on social media.