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Cris Arcangeli sues Álvaro Garnero for possible Bitcoin scam

The entrepreneur and former host of Shark Tank, Cris Arcangeli sued the presenter again Alvaro Garnero for one possible Bitcoin scam. The Criminal Representation/Crime Report case is filed in the São Paulo Court of Justice and was filed last Thursday (20), according to the Livecoins found out with the defense of the businesswoman.

It is worth noting that there is already another lawsuit filed by the businesswoman against the presenter, however, in the civil sphere. It all started when Garnero invited Cris to invest in Bitcoin, a currency with high yield potential, in the words of the presenter.

Trusting in his word, the businesswoman decided to invest US$ 300 thousand, an amount deposited in Garnero’s account, who guaranteed that everything would work out at the time. However, it is estimated that he sent the value to Hélio Caxias, who founded two companies suspected of being a financial pyramid, the Hybrid Club e My Bitcoin Foot.

While the first one harmed investors in Embu das Artes (SP), the second focused on the Northeast of Brazil, mainly in Pernambuco. The promises of income by Hélio Caxias convinced many small investors, but Cris’ defense believes that Garnero was his partner and responsible for attracting large contributions from people.

Criminal case cites possible Bitcoin scam applied by Garnero to businesswoman Cris Arcangeli

A lawsuit filed by ex-Shark Tank Cris Arcangeli against Álvaro Garnero has arrived in São Paulo, citing a possible Bitcoin scam applied by him.

The process in the criminal court charges Álvaro Garnero, Hélio Caxias and his wife Thalia Alves de Andrade, in addition to 4 other people, of being responsible for committing the crimes of financial pyramid, criminal organization, embezzlement, money laundering, possible destruction of evidence. in progress and continuity of the criminal practice.

Arcangeli’s defense recalls that after sending the amounts to Garnero, he began to blame Hélio for not passing on the promised income, with the Hibridus Club already under investigation. This company was the subject of a lawsuit in the Public Ministry of São Paulo and is cited by former clients in several lawsuits.

“Given all ÁLVARO’s refusals to solve the problem and in a situation of
eventual, in theory, embezzlement or misappropriation of values, there was no alternative but the filing, by CRISTIANA, of 1. Criminal report against ÁLVARO to investigate the crime of embezzlement – Cases n. 0114057-51.2018.8.26.0050; 2. Civil action seeking the condemnation of the restitution of values ​​– Cases n. 1051965-59.2021.8.26.0100 “.

Arcangeli mentioned that after filing a civil lawsuit, he began to receive more information about the case, including from a former partner of Garnero, Kako Perroy, who went bankrupt after investing in the Hibridus Club.

In this way, the defense declared that Álvaro is a famous partner in the possible coup, which captured large clients and opened doors for capturing the group.

What does Cris Arcangeli’s defense want?

In justice, the presenter’s lawyers asked for the opening of a police investigation to investigate the crimes denounced by the possible criminal organization, if possible by Gaeco.

In addition, she hopes to understand more about a possible destruction of evidence practiced by the presenter, who took a cell phone with information from “Meu Pé de Bitcoin” with investors in the business and returned the device without data.

“… (a) The determination of the opening of a police investigation to determine the existence of the above crimes, pursuant to art. 5th, Inc. II, of the Criminal Procedure Code and forwarded to GAECO – Special Action Group to Combat Organized Crime of the PSP; (b) The promotion of all relevant steps, in particular precautionary measures, considering the possibility of death and destruction of evidence, in addition to having no idea of ​​HÉLIO’s whereabouts (and the possibility of going abroad).”

This request is still in the initial phase and should be evaluated by the court now. But something that draws attention in the case is the possible connection of Álvaro Garnero with Hélio Caxias and his possible involvement with both suspicious companies that offered easy returns to investors.

Álvaro Garneiro in a lecture at the Hibridos Club
Álvaro Garneiro in lecture at the Hibridos Club / Autos do Processo: Reproduction
Álvaro Garnero and Hélio Caxias in a lecture at Meu Pé de Bitcoin
Álvaro Garnero and Hélio Caxias in a lecture at Meu Pé de Bitcoin / Proceedings: Reproduction
Álvaro Garnero and Hélio Caxias in a lecture at Meu Pé de Bitcoin / Proceedings: Reproduction
Álvaro Garnero and Hélio Caxias in a lecture at Meu Pé de Bitcoin / Proceedings: Reproduction

What does Cris Arcangeli’s defense say about this possible Bitcoin scam?

THE Livecoins spoke with lawyer Pedro Abrão, who represents businesswoman Cris Arcangeli in the lawsuit filed against Garnero, who explained that the situation will be up to the Public Ministry, Justice and the police to investigate the details surrounding this possible crime against investors.

Businesswoman Cristiana Arcangeli filed, on 1.20.2021, a criminal report (1001236-48.2022.8.26.0050) against Álvaro Luiz Monteiro de Carvalho Garnero, Hélio Caxias Ribeiro Filho and others, with a view to investigating, by the competent authorities, the existence of of criminal organization for perpetrating the crimes of embezzlement and financial crimes within the scope of the operations of Hibridos Club and Meu Pé de Bitcoin.

Cristiana saw no alternative, since Mr. Álvaro Luiz Monteiro de Carvalho Garnero, in his manifestations, insists on dissociating himself from Hélio Caxias Ribeiro Filho and the companies he was linked to, despite all the existing evidence.

It will be up to the police, the Public Ministry and the Judiciary to conclude on the grounds and evidence presented, following businesswoman Cristiana Arcangeli in the hope that justice will be done. Sao Paulo, January 21, 2022.

The defense of Álvaro Garnero was also sought, but he did not comment on the case until the closing of this article.