Wednesday, December 8

Cristo Currensi: Bitcoin, rap and transcendence with Alfre Mancera

Bitcoin could be the latest historical realization of the art of preserving and passing on secrets: cryptography.

Alfre Mancera, a well-known member of the Hispanic bitcoiner community, opts for this idea in a musical launch of his authorship entitled «Pentateuch EP«, To disseminate and educate about Bitcoin, cryptography and self-sovereignty.

CriptoNoticias spoke with Alfre Mancera –Who signs their musical project under the artistic name Cristo Currensi-, about the power of the word to spread ideas and resist the passage of time, in this case, in rap music format.

Being Alfre’s first time singing rap, he commented that Pentateuch was at the same time a creative therapy and also a gift for those who are enthusiastic about Bitcoin, privacy and cryptography.

The large number of references to ancient religions and civilizations, such as the Egyptian and the Mayan, that the musical project has, indicate that the desire for privacy is a common factor throughout human history.

In the end you realize that in different parts of the world similar things, tools and languages ​​were being built at the same time, and at the same time they had the need to process the information and decipher it in some way.

Alfre Mancera, Bitcoin disseminator.

“Search in your code the command is within you”, says a part of the song Pentateuch. Source: Cristo Currensi

When asked if Bitcoin could be a religion, or some kind of disciplined habit, Mancera acknowledged that yes, they are similar, since Bitcoin also encourages the meeting between individuals with beliefs and common places.

“This has to do with the issue of religion, in the sense that it channels the spirituality of individuals through a language to impose morals and norms,” ​​he said, also pointing out that with the artistic name “Cristo Currensi” and his graphic art seeks to mix two worlds: spiritual and mathematical.

Mancera referred to the great minds that flourished during the Renaissance, who are referred to as ‘polymaths’ due to the multiple skills and knowledge they possessed in various areas.

In this sense, it should be noted that Alfre participated in all the creative stages of the project, from composition and recording, to graphic design and videos.

In addition, Mancera is a popularizer on Bitcoin and cryptography, and has multiple readings and videos in his channels on the internet, so the EP Pentateuch reaffirms how prolific its author is.

Hear the Pentateuch EP by Christ Currensi and YouTube.

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