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Critics still can’t agree on Cowboy Bebop | Digital Trends Spanish

Cowboy Bebop has become one of the most anticipated series by anime fans and Netflix users.

The live-action version should arrive on November 19 on the streaming platform, but it has already been seen in advance by some film critics.

For this group of professionals, opinions have been divided. While there are some who have enjoyed the production, others have simply called it disappointing, especially when compared to the original version of the anime from the late 1990s.


These are some of the criticisms:

“The first season of Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop is almost over. She is funny. Only some have been able to show that they know how to make a live-action anime and this is not a Wachowski movie. That said, the main trio is a good casting, some mixed ideas work better than others, the music is good ”(Aaron Neuwirth of We Live Entertainment).

“Ok, now I can really say that I did not enjoy Cowboy bebop. It makes the mistake of being a mostly literal adaptation that obviously pales in comparison to anime, but worse still, it just looks really cheap. The editing, the images, most of the performance is out of place ”, (Rafael Motamayor de Collider).

Cowboy Bebop already has a date for its premiere on Netflix

“The live-action of Cowboy bebop It is not trying to replace the anime series, but it is like a cover of artists who love the original song. There are some major (possibly polarizing!) Twists, but the cast, soundtrack, and narration make it a worthy entry into the canon. ”(Danielle Ryan from / Film).

“I have been a super fan of Cowboy bebop Since the day I found the first DVD in the back of a Sam Goody in 1998, I volunteered to review Netflix’s live-action IndieWire adaptation. … That was a serious mistake. It’s extremely disappointing, but the cast is solid, and anime will always exist! ”(IndieWire’s David Ehrlich).

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