Sunday, February 5

Cross the fence: Samsung provokes Apple again in a commercial | Digital Trends Spanish

As is characteristic of its commercial DNA, Samsung again used its archrival Apple to mock them in a new advertisement.

With a call to “cross the fence”, they are promoting the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

On the Fence: Attention | samsung

In the spot, a man sits on a literal fence while a woman using a Galaxy Z Flip 4 strikes up a conversation. “I used to be you,” she says. “Sitting on the fence between Apple and Samsung”. The man laments how he wants to switch to a Samsung device, but he is worried about what his iPhone-using friends will think of him. She goes on to explain that she should be, because her friends will be jealous.

“When you take out your new Galaxy Z Flip 4, people are going to lose it,” he says. “They will never leave you alone.” After that, she hands him one of the Z Flip 4 smartphones, and people immediately start showing up around her commenting on how cool the Samsung phone is. “I could get used to this,” she says, jumping off the fence to Samsung’s side.

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