Friday, January 21

Crypto art: these are the 10 most important NFT collections in the world

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Later we find the collection Bored Ape Yacht Club which includes 10,000 different NFTs that use Ethereum technology. They are portraits of boring monkeys with different characteristics. “Your Bored Ape works like your Yacht Club membership card and grants you access to exclusive member benefits, the first of which is access to THE BATHROOM, a collaborative graffiti board,” explains on the creators page. .

NFT dollars

In third place is located Rarible, a multi-chain NFT marketplace where digital goods can be created, sold and collected. Different crypto assets are collected here. You can find, for example, the NFT Lusky Garbage Fail Kid that in the description the creator claims: “Once purchased, download a ready-to-print high resolution version of my original dollar artwork to frame and hang on your wall “.

D3 Yawn

In fourth place in the Open Sea ranking is the platform SuperRare which collects weird digital art. “SuperRare’s smart contract platform enables artists to release tracked limited edition digital artworks on the blockchain, making the pieces rare, verified and collectible,” it explained. An example of them is D3 Yawn from the creator Cryptochrome.


In fifth place comes Hashmasks, a collection of digital art in which more than 70 artists participated around the world. It includes 16,384 unique digital portraits and was presented by Suum Cuique Labs of Zug, Switzerland. “Some share the same type of mask, others hold toilet paper and 233 of them have a shadow monkey sitting on their shoulder,” explains the website of this collection.

A playful detail of this project was that the first buyers did not know what Hashmask they were buying, they could only see a box with a question mark on it and only two weeks later the buyers could see the piece that they had received.

The Curio Cards project

In sixth place is located The Curio Cards project. This is an online art exhibition and the First Art NFTs on Ethereum that were released on May 9, 2017. “Curio presents 30 unique series of cards from 7 different artists. Curiosity cards are mentioned with CryptoPunks and CryptoKitties on the original ERC-721 non-fungible token standard, and they predate both, “explains the collection’s website.


In seventh place they arrive Lost Poets. This is a collection of 65,536 obtainable NFTs and 1,024 source NFTs. The objective of these works of art is to recreate the 65,536 poets who were hiding on the shelves of the Library of Babel, waiting to be discovered. Each poet is created by an AI that was developed for that purpose. Each piece is unique.


The eighth collection is El Sneaky Vampire Syndicate. This is 8,888 NFT of vampires. The Syndicate also has a native utility ecosystem token, an SVS video game, and The Lair (Metaverse). “All vampire possessors get access to join their relatives in Metaverse, while having access to their own exclusive video game,” explains the community.


In ninth place we find Autoglyphs. This collection is defined as the first “on-chain” generative artwork on the Ethereum block network. “A completely autonomous mechanism for the creation and ownership of a work of art”, define its creators.


The last place in this top ten is MakersPlace. It is a collection where users can create, discover, sell and collect unique and authentic digital art. “The team is passionate about the way blockchain technology is transforming our understanding of digital property and fostering creativity in the growing crypto community,” say its creators.


Finally, a yapa: CryptoKitties. OpenSea does not catalog them as crypto art but as collectibles. It is a game focused on these creatures. Each NFT is represented by a unique and 100% owned cat that cannot be replicated, removed or destroyed. It is one of the first attempts to implement blockchain technology for recreation and leisure.