Saturday, November 27

Crypto brazes

From time to time, a new subculture emerges whose priority in life seems to be to give the rest of humanity a barbecue. The strategy of these groups is based on psychological wear and tear based on little brushstrokes of moral superiority. It happened with vegans. For a time, it was very difficult to eat with these people. There was no way to sink your teeth into something dead without feeling judged on your deepest moral convictions. The prosecution was very subtle, no reprimands, just something like: “Are you going to ask that? Well, I don’t know, you’ll see.”

It was not easy to counteract such strong convictions. How to explain that you do not hate cows while contributing to their extermination accompanied by French fries? It was impossible not to feel that you were on the wrong side of history, the immoral, the shameful. Faced with this stark dilemma, most people took the most sensible approach: sever all relationships with their vegan friends and make new friends.

In recent times, an even more irritating new subculture has emerged out of nowhere. It is about the cryptobrasas, apostles of an innovative economic model based on cryptocurrencies. In social networks they are recognized the first time because they do not stop talking about the subject. They do it with the pride of the misunderstood, of the pioneers, of those ahead of their time at least a couple of years. They feel subdued by the establishment, just like the first Christians, and they understand that this charges them with reasons.

They usually publish captures where they show how much they have earned in recent months with their corresponding conversion to US dollars. It does not enter their heads that the masses are reluctant to free themselves from the oppressive yoke of the tyrannical central banks. “Are you going to open a savings account? Anyway, I don’t know, you’ll see.”

Those most dedicated to the cause even get their profile photos tuned. Their eyes turn bright red, like Superman at a difficult time. It is the identity mark of the subculture, its nod wink at visionary colleagues, the equivalent of the dreadlocks of those who passed through the business school.

I am not saying that they are wrong. Maybe time will prove them right. Likewise, cryptocurrencies are the future and everyone ends up laughing from their mansions to the cry of “we told you!” But even that doesn’t justify being so hot. Frankly, I prefer vegans. They, at least, care about the planet.

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