Tuesday, February 27

Crypto Burguers – NFT game is hacked after listing on PancakeSwap

Last Sunday (16) the community of a metaverse NFT game was happy for it to be listed on the PancakeSwap exchange, until a short time later, it was hacked. The case ended up drawing attention to the dangers of smart contracts for projects created recently on the market.

Many of them don’t even have basic protection, let alone auditing, to work.

That is, when people interact with these contracts and buy tokens, they may be at risk of losing all their money. In the cryptocurrency market, the term “rugpull” has appeared frequently, and this new case only reinforces the care that investors should have.

Metaverse game with NFTs is hacked after listing on PancakeSwap

A promise made in 2021 for the market for NFTs games with the possibility of a metaverse was Crypto Burguers, which presented itself as a digital hamburger.

With NFTs of lettuce, tomato, among other “rare” items, players would have the possibility to build their own snacks. There would even be the possibility of interacting and competing to know who was the best chef in the metaverse.

Last Sunday, the $BURG token that had previously been made available in private sales, ended up being the target of a hacker attack. With around 9,150 wallets holding back this token, drew attention to the potential of this coup.

The alert was given by the smart contract auditing firm Certik, which identified that the project has already lost US$ 770,000 in flash loan attacks. Thus, the sum of the damage caused by the attack on this project exceeds R$ 4 million today.

“CertiK has detected multiple flash lending attacks with $BURG with a loss of around $770K today. The attack was caused by a smart contract vulnerability that allows the token to be written to any account.”

In the alert, the auditing firm asked people not to interact with this contract anymore, which was the target of attacks, due to the risk of losing everything.

What did the CryptoBurguers team say?

This Monday (17), the Crypto Burguer team went public report that in the next few hours will explain the problem that affected its gamers. Even so, the creation of a new token for the game is already being prepared, that is, they will give tokens to those who had these before the cyber attack.

In addition, a new audit of the project will be launched and an injection of liquidity will be made. This project was practically not even negotiated by PancakeSwap, since its listing was last Sunday and hours later it was heavily hacked.

“We just did a live AMA explaining what happened, we suffered a strong attack and we are dealing with everything. Over the next few days we will be recreating the token and injecting existing liquidity to reactivate CryptoBurgers.”

It is worth remembering that NFTs and metaverse games have faced problems in recent months, with smart contract failures and scams, involving more promises than actual deliveries.