Thursday, December 8

Crypto Platform Loses $320 Million in Biggest Hack So Far This Year


The hack took place on the side of the solana bridge and it is feared that the bridge from Wormhole to Terra may be equally vulnerable. In addition, the robbery was the last to affect the sector DeFi fast growing but mostly unregulated. The platforms allow users lend, borrow and save, usually in crypto, bypassing the traditional gatekeepers of financelike banks.

“All funds have been restored and Wormhole is backed up”, posted the platform on his Twitter social network account after previously saying on his Telegram channel that “all funds are safe”.

“’All funds have been returned.’ How? Who will pay for it in the end? asked a user on Telegram. Beyond the two comments mentioned above, Wormhole he did not provide further information on how he recovered the funds.

Although one of the channel administrators replied: “The team is working on a detailed incident report and will share it as soon as possible.”.

London-based blockchain analytics firm, Elliptic, expressed that the attackers could create fraudulent ways to wETH tokens: nearly 94,000 of which were later transferred to the blockchain Ethereum, which powers ether transactions.

Since then, the hacker has used some funds to buy SportX (SX), Meta Capital (MCAP), Finally Usable Crypto Karma (FUCK) y Bored Ape Yacht Club Token (APE). And the remaining WETH was exchanged for SOL and USDC in Solana. Currently, the hacker’s wallet has 432,662 SOL ($44 million).

Elliptic added that Wormhole offered the attacker a $10 million “bounty” to return the funds, citing messages embedded in ether transactions sent to the attacker’s digital address.