Wednesday, November 30

Crypto ‘Top 40’ launches its own token from Malaga and runs it out in 2 minutes

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Seen and unseen. The Blockchain sector had a new example of its strength last week in Malaga: the Crypto Birds platform launched ten million units of its new cryptocurrency, XCB, at a price of $0.04 each. They sold out in a few minutes.

As explained by the CEO of Crypto Birds himself, Charles Martin, to El ESPAÑOL de Málaga, it is about a collection of 400,000 US dollars in just two minutes, which left even his relatives wanting to get hold of one of those tokens: “We exceeded all expectations,” he admits.

The secret has been in the “very specialized, very niche” community already created around CryptoBirds, a collaborative platform in which -between user ratings and its own algorithm- the strength of the different existing cryptocurrencies is classified. the market in a list that resembles some “Top 40” in the sector.

The tokens are already at a selling price of $0.06 per unit, more than 50% of its original value; but in addition, the users of the platform who have turned to XCB will receive benefits for having acquired the tokens, such as governance functions over the community, in the purest style of census suffrage.

“The market was A Little bit weird, but we saw that we would raise more than 200,000 dollars. The tokens were available for four hours and what was not purchased was destroyed,” explains Martín, who clarifies that they were only made available to users one fifth of XCB’s total reserves, 50 million units. Participation in Cryptobirds will actually be rewarded with some of those tokens for users, in a model of collaborate to earn, “collaborate to win it”.

This is not the first time they have tried something like this. In 2019 they already launched an ICO (Initial Coin Offering; in Spanish, “initial coin offering”), “the first regulated company in Spain” -Martín recalls-, but he did not manage to raise the minimum that was raised, 200,000 dollars. They kept the idea in mind, redesigned it, pivoted to a simpler utility token, and launched (with known results) their current cryptocurrency.


Carlos Martín from Velez studied Industrial Engineering at the UMA, but “like many others, we graduated from Malaga, and in Malaga there was no work“, he explains to this newspaper. He was a systems security engineer for the AVE in Madrid when he got the entrepreneurial streak and started with its application, Crypto Birds, in 2017. He had been in the world of digital currencies for years, he says, and since then his valuation has not stopped growing.

In 2019, he moved back to Malaga when he saw the technological and employment boom -and when he was expecting a second daughter that he wanted to raise in his province of origin-, the platform of Carlos Martín Crypto Birds is also one more of that effervescent ecosystem of startups locales.

For now, they are already palliating their problems to find specialized engineers in the sector and they have 3 interns (“Of which, surely, we will keep some”, Martin advances) as a result of his course on Blockchain development with the University of Malaga and they have launched a thematic classification of cryptocurrencies related to the metaverse, which “have hit a bombshell”. Kind of like your XCB.