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Cryptocurrencies: what you need to know to buy digital dollars without restrictions

In the midst of this vertiginous growth of digital assets in Argentina, Fiwind with more than 4 years in the market is not far behind and is committed to expanding by launching a new app with greater advantages for its customers, in this same you can acquire digital dollars. In addition, the firm also aims to expand to Mexico and Peru in the coming months.

In the framework of the exchange crisis that the country is experiencing, the restrictions on the purchase of dollars and the constant growth of inflation, more and more Argentines began to turn to the cryptocurrency market. Although many maintain certain reservations, the latest advances in security and transparency have made it a good investment alternative.

“When the free dollar rises, the Argentine is afraid and seeks to protect their savings. In recent times, more and more people, instead of buying physical dollars, opt for the digital dollar “, he explained Bruno Perona, CEO of Fiwind, one of the most chosen cryptocurrency exchanges in the country where they can be obtained.

According to the specialist in capital markets and cryptocurrencies, when referring to the digital dollar, we speak of two cryptocurrencies Tether and DAI. “The possibility of operating these assets is good because you can acquire dollars instantly, transferring pesos with automatic credits and withdraw these immediately.”

In addition to this possibility of acquiring dollars without going through exchange restrictions, Perona explained that the cryptocurrency market has in itself a universe of options to invest. “What we are looking for now from Fiwind is to be able to bring these opportunities to all who are interested,” said the financial entrepreneur.

“It must be borne in mind that we are talking about investments that can be highly volatile and risky that generally aim for the long term. That is why we always recommend that you study and analyze where you are investing ”, he clarified.

Precisely on the latter, Perona pointed out that it was what motivated them to launch Fiwind 5 years ago. “Our idea was to have a different imprint than the market was at that time, with many more complications to operate and delays to validate the data or transfers.”


“It must be borne in mind that we are talking about investments that can be highly volatile and risky that generally aim for the long term. That is why we always recommend that you study and analyze where you are investing ”, clarified Perona.

That imprint became one of the pillars of the firm that specialized in corporate clients offering personalized attention. “Today we have an OTC table in which we provide financial engineering to all companies to see the best way to dollarize their portfolio, or generate interest with visible balances,” he said.

Now, the company is committed to going one step further and launched its new application with which it seeks to democratize access to the cryptocurrency market. “Without being an expert, anyone can access our App. It is very easy to download, register and is very intuitive, which facilitates the possibility of carrying out operations,” explained the CEO of Fiwind. The new application is now available for both Android and IOS.

“To that is added the advantage that the accreditations are instantaneous, automatic withdrawal and can be operated 24 hours a day, every day of the year and fundamentally that instead of bots, our customer service is provided by commercial advisors,” he added.

About the Crypto market

Despite its growth and popularity, Perona says that, worldwide, the cryptocurrency market is still small. “Only 1% of the world invests there. Although in Argentina we are well positioned worldwide in the acceptance of cryptocurrencies, there is still a long way to go. There is a lot of money flow left to dump ”, he affirmed.

For this market to expand, the exchange maintains that progress has to be made in generating greater transparency to motivate large players to enter the market. “In recent months we have seen that large players such as Tesla, Microstrategy and some investment funds began to diversify their portfolios by incorporating cryptocurrencies, this added to the first bitcoin ETF, helps to generate transparency,” said Perona.

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