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Cryptocurrency accountant launches course to teach accounting professionals

It is common for the accountant to be the professional remembered only when submitting the annual income tax return. However, there are two possible worlds to be presented and that would impact the valuation of this profession: accounting and cryptoeconomics.

In a Brazil with around 10 million crypto investors (estimate based on CPF registrations with the main national brokers) and more than 500 thousand registered accountants, the market feels a shortage of specialists in cryptoasset taxation.

The accountant Ana Paula Rabello, launched the course “Taxation of Crypto Assets – Practical Approach for Accountants”. The training brings together 3 hours of online content and registrations can be made until January 31, through the website .

Taxation of Cryptoassets – Practical Approach for Accountants

Among the main teachings provided in the course are the analogies applicable to crypto-asset accounting, billing and receipt in cryptocurrencies, creation of the CNAE of exchanges, in addition to the understanding of Normative Instruction 1888 and the rules for the Annual Income Tax Declaration of those who operate crypto-assets. .

The theory about crypto-assets in legal entities is also foreseen. The material will be available for life and those registered until January 15th win three live mentoring meetings with Ana Paula Rabello.

“I want the market to grow. We need more colleagues understanding about the new economy. Crypto assets are not something of the future, it is something that is happening now, every day there are people entering this market and we do not have specialists to guide taxpayers”, warns Ana Paula.

Passionate about bitcoin, the accountant says that the language of the course will be accessible and the course a specialization that will enable her to act immediately in the market.

“I am preparing practical examples of understanding statements and portfolios, as well as an instruction manual for clients to send the readable data that accountants will need. Everything I know, I will share”, Explain.

The course “Taxation of Cryptoassets – Practical Approach for Accountants” will be made available to students at 8 pm on January 31. In addition to having access to all content, students receive a certificate.

Those enrolled until January 15th who are mentored will be contacted by Ana Paula Rabello’s team to schedule the meetings. The student support channel and for clarification of doubts about the course is the email [email protected] and whats app (51) 98932200.

About who teaches the course

Bachelor of Accounting Sciences and specialized in cryptocurrency taxation in Brazil. Enthusiastic about the topic and bitcoin investor, he wrote the 1st ebook “How to Declare Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies in Income Tax” (2020), launched in partnership with Portal do Bitcoin and updated in 2021.

Founder of the blog Declarando Bitcoin, Ana Paula became known for the series SAC da Loira on the Declarando Bitcoin/Youtube channel and also for the talk show LoiraPOD, in which she addresses relevant topics with guests from the crypto world.

The accountant was recognized here at Livecoins in 2019 as one of the most influential people in the crypto market.

Follow Ana Paula Rabello on the channels @declarandobitcoin e @anapaularabello_oficial on the social networks.

course summary

  • Course “Cryptocurrency Taxation – Practical Approach for Accountants”
  • Presentation by Ana Paula Rabello – Who am I?
  • Summary of contents – What am I going to teach you here?
  • Introduction – Tax overview in Brazil
  • Module 01 – Normative Instruction 1888/19 of the Federal Revenue
  • Module 02 – Annual Income Tax Return
  • Module 03 – Query Solution No. 214 of December 20, 2021
  • Module 04 – Crypto assets in legal entities
  • Module 05 – Analogies applicable in crypto asset accounting
  • Module 06 – Company responsibility data – How to proceed?
  • Module 07 – Creation of the CNAE of exchanges
  • Module 08 – Practical examples of extracting and interpreting extracts (Axie Infinity, Mercado Bitcoin e Binance)
  • Module 09 – Instruction Manual for your customer to send you readable data
  • Module 10 – Applied cost methodology – How to proceed?
  • BONUS – Glossary – cryptoeconomic terms you need to know
  • SUPER BONUS 1 – Examples of filling
  • Completing an IN1888 Online Data Form – Ecac (video)
  • Completing the declaration of assets and rights – (video)
  • Filling Gcap and generating Darf – (video)
  • Importing Gcap in the IRPF declaration – (video)
  • Updating DARF in Sicalc – (video)
  • Filling in the exempt income in the Declaration – (video)
  • SUPER BONUS 2 – Mentoring with Ana (exclusively for the first enrolled in the course)
  • The mentoring will be divided into 3 topics, taught live on an online platform on pre-scheduled dates.
  • Topic 01 – How to attract customers
  • Topic 02 – How to charge in this market
  • Topic 03 – Because this knowledge will give you a competitive edge