Sunday, August 14

Cryptocurrency company in Cabo Frio disappears with customers’ money

Another company that promised fixed and monthly profits with cryptocurrencies in Cabo Frio may have come to an end, according to information from customers who were angry with the disappearance of the leaders.

Called “Omega Consultoria”, the company signed contracts with clients who would be willing to invest their money in a promise that was too good to be true. In conversation with the leaders, two investment possibilities were offered.

One of them was a return of 15% per month, with a minimum amount of contributions being R$ 5 thousand. Opened in May 2021, the company had BRL 150 thousand as capital and declared itself as micro.

guaranteed profit

The other contract offered to customers was for contributions greater than R$100 thousand, which would give compound interest returns. In other words, interest on interest would be paid to clients, with operations in the global investment market.

The company claimed to be a specialist in operating Bitcoin robots, at brokers Bitfinex, BitMEX, Binance, Bittrex, among others known in the market. In addition, operations in IQOption were mentioned in the contract signed with customers, according to the RC24H.

A month ago, however, the company ended up informing that it would end its activities to customers, which should only start on December 20th, with a return plan being presented that was not very convincing. According to the company, the return of values ​​from smaller contracts will be prioritized, and then for larger contracts.

Do companies promise 15%, 10%, 5%? End can be tragic

The financial pyramids operate in the financial market with old tactics, but which are still effective due to the lack of experience of Brazilians with investments.

Several work with fixed income promises in periods, with percentages that draw attention. In Cabo Frio, for example, the year 2021 was marked by the large amount of business involved with investment offers in cryptocurrencies, 15%, 10%, or any other percentage that attracted the attention of customers.

In the case of Omega Consultoria, a possible pyramid operating in the region, clients are waiting for news, but without much hope.

Last Monday (22), a person spoke with RJTV, the local program of Rede Globo’s affiliate, and reported that he signed three investment contracts with the company, but did not receive his investments back.

It is worth remembering that the city of Cabo Frio was nicknamed “New Egypt”, due to the number of financial pyramids in the region. The biggest of them, still under investigation, is GAS Consultoria Bitcoin, which had its main leaders arrested by the federal police 90 days ago.

Police stations in the region are investigating in a task force all these schemes, which could bring more people to prison soon.

O Livecoins he sought out Omega Consultoria for further clarification, but he did not get a return as of this writing.