Friday, September 29

Cryptocurrency influencer “Sharkão” is accused of manipulating games

Another influencer of cryptocurrency games, known as “Sharkão”, was accused of manipulating the market in Brazil, after indicating the purchase of questionable projects.

In recent days, a cryptocurrency market influencer named Diego Aguiar has been accused of manipulating some NFTs games. One of those that would have “a finger” of it was CryptoMines (Eternal), which melted in the market after an influencer’s warning.

Following internet investment advice is a risky practice that can lead to investors losing their funds. To avoid this problem, France is even creating a task force focused on cryptocurrency influencers.

Cryptocurrency influencer Sharkão accused of manipulating game price

Cryptocurrency influencer Jonatan Martins (Sharkão), has been named in a YouTube video as the “King of Pyramids” in Brazil. According to the Twitter profile Chaos, who is also a youtuber, Sharkão has been making money in recent years with financial pyramids.

According to the complaint against Sharkão, he made money by promoting scams involving the image of Bitcoin, such as Unick Forex, of which he was a public prosecutor. Videos of his involvement with the Federal Police’s Operation Lamanai target scheme are still circulating on the internet and could help prove the relationship, according to Chaos.

Sharkão promoting Unick Forex in a video that circulates on youtube / Reproduction

With the bankruptcy of the pyramids that was involved, Sharkão turned to the binary options market, found out the complaint. These dark markets may have made youtuber a lot of money in the past.

Another point that the complaint gathered evidence to denounce Sharkão was about the games that he indicates buying on his YouTube channel, which has 175,000 followers. According to the complaint, after Sharkão affirms that a project is promising, there is a movement of appreciation in the market, followed by a sharp drop.

One of the games that may have suffered the “Sharkão effect” was Zodiacs, which according to Chaos received the evaluation of the possible influencer on December 6, 2021. On that date, the price of the coin fell in the market, when Sharkão published a video recommending the purchase, causing the price to rise.

Another one that Sharkão recommended was Doge Dash, another game with cryptocurrencies that was analyzed by youtuber and influencer with a cloudy past. On December 14th, he caught the falling DOGEDASH and allegedly manipulated the market, which rose for a few hours before falling again.

“He didn’t get rich on cryptocurrencies”

Youtuber Chaos narrated in his denunciation that Sharkão was not rich with cryptocurrencies, but with pyramid schemes that operated in Brazil in the past. The whistleblower also urges Sharkão’s followers to be careful with purchase indications, which may be market manipulations.

In addition to supposedly manipulating the game market, Sharkão also sells a course called “The End of Bitcoin” for his followers, a practice that was also mentioned in the complaint.

The final tip for trading the market given by Chaos is that people seek knowledge on their own, being careful with indications from cryptocurrency influencers, who may not have the best of intentions with their followers.

The report of Livecoins sought to contact Sharkão to comment on this complaint and the accusations that he manipulates the game market with cryptocurrencies, but it was not possible to find him. The space remains open for demonstrations.