Monday, January 17

Cryptolife Capital backs FarmBit: Real World DeFi and NFT Platform

Venture capitalists have bet big on crypto start-ups in 2021, investing more than $27 billion globally as of late November, more than the previous 10 years combined, according to PitchBook.

Many of the investments were made by the venture capital arms of crypto companies, businesses whose continued growth will depend on the ecosystem expanding

FarmBit joins the list of top promising blockchain startups from Africa backed by CryptoLife Capital, a cryptocurrency asset portfolio investment and management platform.

The asset-backed financing platform recently received $240k seed funding from crypto Angel investors and Despace protocol.

CryptoLife Capital, the investment arm of the Pinnacle Venture Capital, and Buttons Lab, is backing FarmBit, a solid crypto project that’s focusing on fixing the financing gap between businesses and commercial lenders in emerging economies.

Speaking on this, CEO/CIO of Cryptolife Capital, Chris Ani said; We believe in the future of FarmBit, as a leading pioneer of this great innovation from Africa, where DeFi and NFT meets supply-chain and agribusiness, a multi-billion dollar industry.

The FarmBit project is currently open to receive whitelist entries for its forthcoming IDO rounds later this week. For more information about the whitelisting process, follow FarmBit on Twitter and join the Telegram community.