Saturday, September 30

Crytek confirms that ‘Crysis 4’ is in development and publishes the first (and enigmatic) trailer

Almost nine years have passed since the release of the latest title from the original Crysis trilogy, but Crytek believes it’s time for the franchise to continue to evolve. The video game developer company has announced that anda is working on a fourth installment, that is, in ‘Crysis 4’.

The news comes shortly after Crytek China will publish —and then deleted— on the Chinese social network BiliBili that the ‘Crysis 4’ project was a reality. However, now it has been Crytek’s own CEO, Avni Yerli, who through a blog post has given confirmation.

‘Crysis 4’, a title that will take time to arrive

“It’s something you’ve been asking us for a long time, so it’s finally time to confirm: yes, a new Crysis game is underway!“Says the executive, while appreciating the response from fans and hoping that “the next installment in the franchise will live up to expectations.”

As a complement to the announcement, Crytek has also published a short and enigmatic trailer. “Join the ride. Become the hero”, can be seen in the video, in which the final seconds appear a huge “4” dominating the screen.

The publication adds that ‘Crysis 4′ is “in the early stages of development, so it will still take a while.” The truth is that there is no estimated release date and it is not known on which platforms it will be available.

It is expected that the title will reach, at least, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. However, the company promises to reveal more details as the project progresses. In fact, he has already opened up some job vacancies for the ‘Crysis 4’ development team.

Crysis Game 2

Play Crysis with the best graphics on PC it was synonymous with having very powerful hardware. As a result of the high requirements, the “Can you move Crysis?” meme arose. In fact, the company itself paid tribute to the meme in ‘Crysis Remastered‘ with the highest graphics settings. Will ‘Crysis 4’ Need Beastly Hardware? We do not know yet.

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