Monday, December 6

CSS restarts the construction of the City of Health

The director of the Social Security Fund (CSS), Enrique Lau Cortés, reported the restart, this Monday, November 15, of the construction of the project City of Health, whose development began during the administration of the former president Ricardo Martinelli and that it was suspended during the administration of the former president Juan Carlos Varela.

Lau said that, with this reactivation of the construction, it is expected that the work can be put at the service of the population by December 16, 2023.

The director of the CSS stated that the decision to continue with the construction of the City of Health was taken jointly by the Board of Directors of the CSS and the National Government.

The Board of Directors has been consistent and has approved the transactional agreement that allows the CSS to resume this project and terminate it, consequently, the transactional agreement that involves the transfer of a current FCC contract to the Panamanian Hospital Constructions Consortium made up of three companies Panamanians, “he said.

He explained that according to the last addendum the project should have been completed for an amount of $ 554 million where the CSS has paid $ 338 million, it currently has a balance of around $ 215 million, however, for its completion an investment of $ 445 will be required additional million.

“However, all the studies and all the analyzes that have been done indicate that due to time and many other circumstances, including the fact that this project resembles the one designed in the infrastructure, but has many new elements, in 10 years Many things have happened, technology has changed and an additional $ 445 million is required to complete this project, which has already been approved by our Board of Directors, we are right now in the process of endorsement in the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic and we are complying with the agreement transactional that had the approval of the Board of Directors, with the favorable criteria of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, the unanimous approval of the Cabinet Council and the endorsement of the Comptroller’s Office ”, said the director of the CSS.

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