Friday, January 28

CSS seeks to strengthen the mechanism for the delivery of prescription drugs by private entities

Processes to improve the supply of medicines, as well as mechanisms that corroborate that patients are prescribed the appropriate dose for their condition, the Social Security Fund (CSS) to provide drugs to those who need them.

This is due, clarified Dr. Alex González, national executive director of Health Services and Benefits of the CSS, that, sometimes orders are placed with doses higher than those required by the person.

González argued that these cases occur, sometimes, with the prescriptions of private centers, which later affects the planning process in the entity, de according to a press release from the CSS.

If a unit is dispensing more than one medicine, Obviously this drug runs out much earlier, and this affects others who require this product, “he said.

CSS pharmacies dispense medications to the insured population who present prescriptions from either from the entity’s medical facilities, the Ministry of Health or from private medical centers.

Therefore, Dr. González said that it is being analyzed to put into practice a mechanism that allows doctors who do not work in the CSS go through a process that grants them the privilege of being able to prescribe drugs that the institution will deliver.

We need to verify that the patient is actually taking the medication once a day, as we are noticing that they are prescribing two and three times ”, he clarified.

Highlighted that people can access CSS pharmacies, but as there is no clinical record of these people who are cared for in private centers, and the work is difficult.

In the Social Security Fund we manage an information system, a digital medical record, But since we do not have the one issued by the private clinic, it is very difficult for us to corroborate whether the patient really needs these doses ”, indicated Dr. González.

He argued that this initiative will be taken to the Board of Directors, since the approval of the higher body of the institution is needed. It is a measure that seeks to allow doctors to write their prescriptions, but to comply with an approval process, its suitability is verified, the site where it cares for its patients and access to the information that “allows to corroborate that this dose is the one required by the patient.”


On the other hand, Dr. González indicated that the supply system is being improved, as mechanisms have been implementeds that have made it possible to reduce the steps in the drug acquisition processes.

The essential thing is that the medicine reaches the patient, which is the disposition of the Administration ”, he reiterated.

Nowadays, CSS pharmacies have more than 80% supply, and for the month of January 2022, a large number of medications will be delivered, which are acquired in compliance with the parameters established by law.