Monday, March 4

CSS will evaluate companies with the highest accident rates

The Social Security Fund (CSS) will present a report on the companies with the highest risk of accidents to estimate the premiums the institution receives in this matter, the institution announced in a press release.

Montenegro freed, National Director of Occupational Health and Safety of the CSS, indicated that To carry out this work, the National Directorate of Economic Benefits will work closely together., as well as the National Planning Directorate and the National Executive Directorate of Health Benefits and Services.

Montenegro pointed out that “we all have to put on the same shirt to first evaluate the companies, and so on. achieve safety promotion and accident prevention and that they charge what they should be, reward those who comply and be able to raise the premiums for those who do not comply ”.

Similarly, he mentioned that this information is important, since “Previously, this database was not available to provide follow-up to companies, to safeguard the integrity of workers, through a platform that I do not provide them in an expeditious manner to help us make decisions ”.

In turn, he pointed out that promoting safe work and accident prevention is the spearhead of the work they carry out on behalf of the workers.