Thursday, July 29

Cuba releases journalist Camila Acosta, ABC correspondent in Havana



The periodist Camila Acosta She was released from prison this Friday around 10:30 a.m. (local time), as she herself confirmed to this newspaper, minutes after leaving the Diez de Octubre and Acosta police station, where she was detained. The ABC correspondent now goes to the situation of house arrest.

Visibly euphoric by what she has seen and what has happened these days, she was accompanied by her family. “Right now they just let me go,” the journalist confirmed to ABC. This newspaper called her father precisely to collect more information about Acosta, when he informed him that he was with his daughter.

Acosta was arrested last Monday for recording the protests that took place in Havana, as well as in the main cities of the island. As her father confirmed days later, the regime was going to prosecute her for “contempt “and” public disorder». Camila herself confirmed to this newspaper that before releasing her they wanted her to sign a document accepting the charge of “public disorder”, which carries the sanction of a fine. «I have refused because I had not committed any crime. Just go to the demonstration to cover it, because I was a journalist, “he explains. “Today they put a measure of home confinement on me, which means that I can’t leave the house.” He assures that the agents wanted him to sign several things, “but I refused. I only signed my freedom ».

Regarding the days she has spent in seclusion, she affirms that she was “calm. I didn’t feel like I was wasting my time. I have interviewed many people who also brought to my center. You cannot imagine how many people have been arrested, and beaten. Beating even minors. And I said, this is the reason that God put me here, to interview these people. I have to tell this. He explains that among those detained he has also seen “mothers with children.”

She has been well treated, as she tells this newspaper, “within what is possible, because in there that is a concentration camp.”

The journalist’s arrest sparked a wave of support and petitions from around the world calling for her release, from the Government of Spain to the Republican US Senator. Marco Rubio.

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