Sunday, August 1

Cuba stops being Cuba



The origin revolves and the imitators hunker down. Cuba begins to stop being Cuba. The ‘social outbreak’ is now up to the regime, the dictatorship that is – and always was – behind the Andean fires, Chavismo, the guerrillas, the Ortega couple, the ‘Kirchnerism’ of ‘Cristina’, the damned ‘ Bolivarian axis’ that Michelle Bachelet covered up and embraced the Lula, Correa, Evo and other students who believed they had the advantage of the old 70s and today they are looking for their revival.

Díaz Canel savors a bit of Castro’s medicine, which they applied in doses in the region, to inoculate the virus of that face that is communism. Now, the dictator S.XXI realizes that it is bitter. It is the taste that is felt on the palate when you know that, on your way, the one you chose with Raúl, there is no way out and it is a matter of time, more time, -after resisting 60 years-, for everything to explode.

For the Castro who remains and his ward, the island is on fire and the only extinguisher he has at hand is repression. This for real. No matter how much accumulated ‘intelligence’ the G-2 has, in the face of people’s desperation they only have bullets or prison to keep them off the streets. They did it before and they are at it now.

When you have nothing to lose, not even fear, the worst of human evils, drives you back. That is what is happening in Cuba. The Cubans are hungry, they are sick and the myth of the magical Caribbean science is broken, it does not work, it is false, like the revolution. The Abdalá vaccine, with its three doses, reacts like distilled water against the Covid, the food is only in the stores (robbed) where it is bought in dollars … Tourism disappeared and the island has remained dry.

Never as in crises was the internet worth so much. For this reason, the dictatorship flew to cut it off. Neither FB, nor YouTube, nor social networks, nor anything, but these days doing that is doing it late. The fade to black is a patch full of holes that allows the world to see what is behind it. And today, what is seen in Cuba is popular resistance and a lot of misery. Another kind of revolution.

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