Saturday, September 25

Cuban dissident José Daniel Ferrer is once again “unaccounted for”

Correspondent in Havana



The leader of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (Unpacu), José Daniel Ferrer, “He was taken from the isolation cell” in the most severe prison, known as ‘Mar Verde’, in Santiago de Cuba, where “they had kept him confined since August 12, half-naked, without any belongings, in cruel conditions , inhuman and degrading, “and” taken to an unknown location, “his sister denounced on Tuesday, Ana Belkis Ferrer, on Facebook. The information reached the relatives through a telephone call “from a friend who has a relative” in the same prison.

José Daniel Ferrer was arrested on July 11 when he was going to participate in the massive protests against the Cuban regime in his province. Since then, he has been held incommunicado.

His sister also notified that the wife, Nelva Ortega, had received a message, supposedly written by José Daniel from prison, and to which they gave some credit, in which the activist reported on his conditions and serious health problems.

Nelva Ortega warned about the possibility that Ferrer was on a hunger strike since August 28 “demanding his right to see his family.” If true, his life would be in “serious danger” and more “in the hands of the dictatorship.”

The family and members of Unpacu demand faith of life and immediate and unconditional release of both Ferrer and the rest of the protesters arrested after 11-J. The number of arrested is constantly increasing. The NGO CubaLex reports 897 arrests, of which 400 remain incarcerated.

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