Wednesday, October 20

Cuixart comes out in defense of Colau after being booed at the Gràcia parties

The president of Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart, has come to the step before the whistle that the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, has received during the opening speech of the Gràcia neighborhood festivities and has asked “not to be divided”, as He has assured that the Spanish State wants.

Colau had just started his speech this Saturday praising the main festival as an event that embodies “freedom of expression, respect and listening” when he began to receive whistles from the attendees, which has motivated Cuixart to interrupt it and, after taking the microphone, he warned that “this is about shared struggles, adding and being more.”

“I just want to ask you to listen, which is what Spain does not want to do with us, because it is afraid of the word. We are all part of the same people, let’s not allow ourselves to be divided, because that is what the Spanish State wants,” he said. Cuixart underlined before adding: “Only if we do not allow ourselves to be divided, we will succeed.”

The words of the president of Òmnium Cultural have left Colau visibly moved and, with tears in her eyes, she thanked him for his intervention, which, on the other hand, has failed to prevent the whistles from continuing

The mayor also thanked her for “having set an example, always defending dialogue, empathy, conversation, understanding and democracy (…) without rancor, looking forward and promoting love among all” despite of the “brutality” and “injustice” of which, in his opinion, he has been a victim.

With these words Colau has referred to the three years in prison that Cuixart has been after his conviction for the ‘procés’: “It is brutality to think that a good man, of peace and dialogue, has spent not a single day in prison” , the mayor exclaimed before advocating “not getting used to or normalizing” that the independence leaders have been in jail.