Tuesday, January 18

Culture against sexist violence: a new edition of ‘Women in action. Zero violence ‘

Gender violence is a scourge that, in 2020, left 47 women dead and 26 minors orphans and that, since this type of crime began to be counted in 2003, has caused 1,122 fatalities, according to data from the Ministry of Equality. In addition, in 2020, a year marked by the pandemic and in which many women were forced to live confined with their aggressors, calls to 016, the number of attention to all forms of violence against women, increased by more than 10,000, from 68,714 in 2019 to 79,201 in 2020.

The pandemic has also contributed to making the employment situation of women even more precarious, who not only assume the responsibilities of their paid work but also those related to unpaid and care work. According to the report Gender Gaps in Employment, Wages and Work Hours: Assessment to Covid-19 Implications, women are the ones who would be providing the work flexibility that is allowing us to overcome the care crisis that the pandemic has brought on many occasions. In addition, according to data from the report BBVA Research ‘Gender diversity and training’, the number of employed women in Spain has fallen more than that of men between October 2019 and June 2020. A figure to which it is added that, according to the same source, the recovery of employment in the third quarter of 2020 was slightly higher between them, widening the gender gap even more.

Culture against sexist violence

In this worrying context, the Diputación de Pontevedra has launched the program again Women in action. Zero violence, an artistic action project that, since 2015, uses public space to claim gender equality, raise awareness about sexist violence and, especially, to join forces to fight against this scourge. This latest edition bears the motto “In front of the patriarchy, artists who move, stir and move. Move with them against sexist violence! ”.

In addition, the program wants to maintain the commitment to women artists who have suffered so many problems during the pandemic. Since the beginning of the health crisis, associations such as Women in Audiovisual Arts (MAV) warned of the significant economic losses suffered by creators, especially those who were and are autonomous. For this reason, the organization has understood that maintaining the program’s agenda was also a way of putting the feminist agenda in focus. For her, the program became flexible in order to accompany the artists, but also women, in the fight for equality.

Women in action. Zero violence fight against sexist violence through numerous artistic expressions such as performance, poetry, dance, music, theater and graffiti that seek and intend to provoke a social reaction in the public and thus unite the wills to stop a problem that can only be solved with union of society as a whole.

25 new actions in 2021

For this, there will be 25 new performances in 25 municipalities of the province such as Beatriz Serén, who will perform in Silleda in January; Atenea García who will take her show, also in January, to Forcarei, and other names such as Cris Iglesias, Esperanza Mara, Mónica Cofiño, Julia Mariscal, Pilar V. de Foronda, Rakele Cavallo, María José Pulido, Iria Vázquez, Elisa Capdevila, Duo Amazonas or Esther Latorre among others.

Likewise, many of the activities that were already in the program before the arrival of the pandemic will continue, where the talent of a good number of women artists, actresses, dancers, muralists, will once again stand out, as it cannot be otherwise. musics or poets who will be able to find their space again in this project. The workshops that will take place on some of the actions will also return and there will once again be public spaces dedicated to contemporary creation with the aim of provoking, agitating and moving consciences.

Of course, this new edition of Women in action. Zero violence It has an important novelty since the cultural sector is invited to reflect through participatory sessions at the María Vinyals School of Equality. In them, in addition, there will be important figures of international relevance in the art of action who will share their considerations in this regard in a conference that is intended to be participatory and constructive.


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