Sunday, March 26

Culture grows its aid to the production of Spanish cinema by 19%

When the general budgets for 2022 were announced, Culture celebrated that, thanks to the European recovery plans, the allocation for the sector increased by almost 40%. The small print showed that this game was not for everyone. Spanish cinema, for example, discovered annoyed that the item for the protection fund for cinematography was still frozen at 70 million. The same amount that the PP dedicated in 2017. From this item comes the aid to the cinema, which has also remained practically frozen since then.

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The initial pessimism has been corrected after the approval in the Council of Ministers of the call for general aid for the production of feature films that this 2022 will increase to 56 million euros. They are nine million more than the 47 that were finally given in 2021 and that already represented an increase of 7 of the 40 originally budgeted. With this increase, at least six more films will be included in the aid, since the maximum amount of the subsidy is 1.4 million euros. In 2021 there were 45 films that achieved public injection, 10 more than in 2020. This course will see a new increase in titles that will have public money from Culture.

Of the total planned for this aid line, 48 million euros will be charged to the available credit in the Film Protection Fund application of the ICAA spending budget for this year; and 4 million euros, to the credit available in the application of the Program for the Promotion, Modernization and Digitization of the Audiovisual Sector. Culture. In addition, the possibility of setting a maximum additional amount of up to 4 million euros for this aid line is foreseen, which will not require a new call.

The grants will allocate a minimum of 35% for projects carried out exclusively by female directors and a minimum of 10% for animation projects. In addition, the ICAA estimates that this action will contribute, at least 10%, to the achievement of one of the objectives of Component 25, which aims to support a minimum of 100 SMEs in the audiovisual sector in their digitization, promotion of equality of gender, internationalization and attraction of foreign direct investment. Specifically, this call for aid is expected to benefit at least 10 SMEs, of which at least seven will be companies that produce projects run exclusively by women; and at least 3, that produce animation projects.

Among the requirements established in the call, the project must include, as universal accessibility measures, special subtitling and audio description in accordance with the applicable technical regulations, which will be accredited at the time of requesting the rating of the film. The projects that are beneficiaries must also include an environmental impact measurement and registration system that includes sustainability parameters.