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Cumbre Vieja: videos show how the lava reached the sea | Digital Trends Spanish

The lava river coming from the Cumbre Vieja volcano, in La Palma, Spain, has already reached the sea, fulfilling the forecasts of the experts, who anticipated explosions and the release of toxic gases if this happened.

Now, a series of videos filmed by drones record the spectacular nature of this natural event.

The lava tongue rushed into the ocean from a steep area and has taken more than 84,000 square meters of the sea for the island.

At first, this situation gave rise to a great incandescent pyramid, but later that formation was transformed into a new delta that exceeds 500 meters in width.

View of the lava delta recorded by our colleagues in the field / Video of the lava delta registered by our colleagues in the field #the Palm #erupcionlapalma #lapalmaeruption

& mdash; INVOLCAN (@involcan) September 29, 2021

The Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands published images that show how the first minutes of the lava finally reaching the ocean were like. This situation generated a large amount of smoke, a product of the temperature difference between the two fluids.

In the images you can also see how the lava accumulates on the seabed until it almost reaches the height of the culvert through which the lava flows.

📽South View, recorded by #IGME and #GES late last night and early today, on the peninsula, the lava flow is piling up🌋 at the foot of the cliff @csic @IGeociencias@ GEO3BCN_CSIC@sgeology

& mdash; Geological and Mining Institute of Spain (@ IGME1849) September 29, 2021

Speaking of spectacularity, the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain has shared a night record recorded by a drone, where you can see the formation of this new delta on the island of La Palma.

It should be remembered that the inhabitants of this Spanish town had to be evacuated once it became known about the severity of the Cumbre Vieja explosion.

At the moment, it is unknown how long the residents of the area will have to wait to return to their homes.

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