Friday, September 24

CUP and ‘comuns’ charge against Argimon for not committing to deprivatize 061 and health transport

The Minister of Health, Josep Maria Argimon, does not have on his agenda the internalization of 061 services and health transport. This is how he let him see this Tuesday in an interview in, where he implied that he did not feel bound by the investiture agreement signed between ERC and the CUP and in which both commitments appeared. But this Wednesday representatives of both the CUP itself and En Comú Podem have come to the attention of these statements and have charged against the head of Health for what they consider a violation not only of the investiture agreement but also of a resolution approved in the Parliament in July last.

The first to jump was the deputy Eulàlia Reguant, of the anti-capitalists. In this interview, Argimon disparages an agreement that was minimal, a country agreement. Not solving these minimums is not failing the agreement with the CUP, but failing the country. The Government and whoever presides over it must be aware, “Reguant has indicated through Twitter. Previously, the deputy had also made a mention of Pere Aragonès himself and ERC, asking for the conseller’s explicit statements.

Along the same lines, Deputy David Cid, from En Comú Podem, has also reacted to Argimon’s words. In his case, Cid recalled that last July the Parliament approved a proposal for a resolution promoted by his party in which the Government was urged to pass these two health services that now depend on private companies to public management.

“Minister Argimon refuses to deprivatize 061 and health transport. It violates a resolution of the Parliament proposed by En Comú Podem. We have already warned of what a government with Junts meant,” the deputy wrote, attaching an image with the vote in the one that can be verified that the two parties of the Government voted favorably to this proposal.

Argimon’s statements about the future of these two health services were brief but forceful. Asked if he had planned the internalization, the minister replied: “That is from the ERC and the CUP agreement.” Requested by the question, given that the president of the Government had promised to comply with both the pact signed with the anti-capitalists and with their government partners, Argimon once again assured that the internalisations appeared in the agreement between ERC and the CUP. “This is not in the Government’s agreement,” he added.