Wednesday, August 10

CureVac sues BioNTech-Pfizer for patent infringement | Digital Trends Spanish

A great controversy in the fight for vaccines against COVID-19 could be given in court, because the German company after CureVac filed a patent infringement lawsuit against rival BioNTech for work it says contributed to the development of the coronavirus vaccine BioNTech-Pfizer. BioNTech said his work is original and that it would “vigorously” contest the claim.

The information collected by the AP agency It maintains that “CureVac reported disappointing results last year from late-stage testing of its own COVID-19 vaccine. The company said it was seeking “fair compensation” from BioNTech for the alleged infringement, but did not cite an amount. CureVac said it would not seek an injunction and that it “does not intend to take legal action that would prevent the production, sale, or distribution” by BioNTech and its partner Pfizer of its blockbuster Comirnaty vaccine.”

Both the German vaccine and Pfizer work with the messenger RNA technology used in their respective doses.

CureVac said it filed its lawsuit against BioNTech and two subsidiaries in the Düsseldorf state court. He said in a statement that his intellectual property portfolio “protects multiple inventions deemed essential to the design and development of BioNTech’s SARS CoV-2 mRNA vaccine, among others.”

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