Sunday, August 7

Customers celebrate supposed release of the “Pharaoh of Bitcoins”

Many GAS Consultoria clients believed that Glaidson dos Santos, the Pharaoh of Bitcoins had been released last Tuesday (26), as a result, they had a party worthy of note.

With flags, rockets and an atmosphere of nostalgic joy, the clients of the company from Cabo Frio closed a street in the capital Rio de Janeiro, where Glaidson dos Santos, the “Pharaoh of Bitcoins” was on trial, at the Regional Federal Court of the 2nd Region.

At a given moment of the bash, the news came out that by 2 votes to 1 the company leader would be released, it is not known from where or by whom. The result was then widely celebrated by GAS investors.

At that moment, many embraced each other warmly and chanted “U is GAS“, jumping for joy in the streets of the capital. Rockets were unleashed, flags fanned, for an event that was far from reality.

What customers didn’t know is that the information that reached them would still lack validation, just like in today’s football, where the video referee has to check the validity of a player’s action before giving the final verdict.

The result of the vote, however, turned out to be a setback for the company’s leader who is accused of creating a financial pyramid scheme, with income of 10% per month associated with the image of Bitcoin.

Thus, the revelry and the fireworks, warm hugs that carried a feeling of encouragement to afflicted investors ended and the feeling that remained was one of frustration.

With Glaidson dos Santos not being released, the defense hopes to appeal, but the deal is still far from being resumed

The reality is that the defense of GAS issued a note on the case regretting that its leader was not released in yet another request in the Brazilian court. They pointed out that they are outlining strategies to appeal to higher courts.

However, if so many judges point to the illegality of the company and do not allow its leader to be released, the GAS client party serves to remind that the case may be much more serious than previously thought.

Thousands of families in Rio de Janeiro and across the country are still hoping to trickle into their accounts the promised 10%, of the now alleged “Moses”, who does not even want to be the former Pharaoh. This situation is one of the worst in the midst of a crisis in the Brazilian economy and serves to remind investors of the risks of promises of easy gains in the market.

The case of GAS is still being investigated by the Brazilian authorities, and each setback of the company in court is an indication that the business will hardly operate as in its “golden times”.

What did TRF2 say when denying Glaidson dos Santos’ request for release and two others?

In a public note, TRF2 recalled that the decision to keep Glaidson Acácio dos Santos imprisoned was made by a majority. The appeal of judge Flávio Lucas and federal judge Marcello Granado voted against the request of the defense of GAS Consultoria, who accompanied the judge in full.

The only one to vote in favor of the request to release the defendants was federal judge William Douglas, who ended up defeated by the majority, which kept Glaidson and two others in prison.

The 2nd Specialized Panel of the Federal Regional Court – 2nd Region (TRF2) denied, by majority vote, requests for habeas corpus by Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, owner of GAS Consultoria e Tecnologia, Felipe Silva Novais and Michael de Souza Magno, accused of capturing large-scale third-party resources offering investments in cryptoactives, through collective investment contracts without registration with the CVM.

Under the terms of the complaint by the Federal Public Ministry, already received by the first instance, the patients would have committed crimes against the National Financial System and integration with the criminal organization. Alleged crimes against tax law, currency evasion and money laundering are also being investigated. The criminal action is still being processed in the first degree of jurisdiction.

Read the TRF2 note in full here on this link.