Monday, February 26

Customers force Amazon delivery guys to dance in the US | Digital Trends Spanish

In the United States, several Amazon delivery men have been forced to dance in front of the cameras of the homes they visit to deliver packages, to later be exhibited on social networks.

The workers, who face all kinds of workplace violence, said they agreed to requests from Amazon customers for fear of receiving a negative review if they refused.

The dances are exhibited on social networks through the hashtag #AmazonDance. Once the delivery person dances and delivers the package, the customer displays the video on social networks like TikTok.

Those who commit the aggression seem not to realize that they are committing an abuse.

The middle motherboard interviewed several workers, who said that although the dances irritate them, they are a minor concern among the various workplace abuses they suffer.

Amazon couriers are evaluated based on different metrics, ranging from the number of packages delivered, the speed at which they deliver and the reviews they receive from users. A decline in your metrics can mean a layoff.

Despite the apparently harmless requests, the workers consider them a form of humiliation. One of the people who has been forced to dance said that all requests appear as a message within the app. “If they said it to my face, I would punch that person,” said a delivery man who asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation by Amazon.

At the close of the edition of this note, Amazon did not comment on these complaints.

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