Monday, August 15

Cyber ​​Monday 2021 closes with about 3 million users

Brands are offering discounts of up to 50% – in some cases more – on their products. Among the most chosen is tourism, appliances and clothing.

Cetrogar, one of the most important retail companies in our country, announced a closing with an increase in sales of 25% compared to the previous edition and 40% more traffic on the site compared to the last Hot Sale in May. As for the most sought after, the company stated that “as we had anticipated, air conditioning products, cell phones, TVs and household appliances were the undisputed winners in people’s choices”, he confirms Juan Manuel Almeida, Marketing manager.

“With a very strong participation from the interior of the country and significant growth in CABA’s customer operations, the number of visits to our site increased exponentially and sales exceeded initial expectations. Consumers appreciated our solid financing proposal with 18 interest-free installments, our offerings of first-rate products and our logistics service, on which we bet in each edition ”, says Almeida.

Best Cyber ​​Monday 2021 deals

But beyond promotions and interest-free fees, a classic continues on Cyber ​​Monday 2021: Mega Offers. These are greater discounts that are offered for a specified time and while supplies last.

Air conditioners, cell phones and plane tickets were found in the most clicked Mega Offers. Argentine consumers will be able to see the best offers and discounts on the event’s official page ( through the Mega Bomb Deals, Top Star Mega Deals, product stories and the new filters available.

Consumers will also be able to access live broadcasts from 6:30 p.m. of their favorite brands to learn more about the products and services they offer, and answer their questions.

Tourism: tickets and hotels on Cyber ​​Monday

Cyber Monday It is generating record sales and one of the most interesting items in terms of discounts is sightseeing. Tourists will be able to access discounts of up to 50% and 18 installments without interest and will also be able to obtain a second discount by registering for the Program. Pre-trip.

Cyber Monday Celulares

For those who are searching for new cell phones, and even more so for users who ran out of WhatsApp since this November 1, there are offers that start from 16 thousand pesos and from 6 to 18 installments without interest. The brands are varied: Samsung, Motorola, LG, Xiaomi, among others.

Cyber ​​Monday air conditioners

Last week started with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees and that was felt in consumer searches. Air conditioners and fans are the stars of this event that will last until Wednesday, November 3. Prices start at 7,000 pesos and fees range from 12 to 30.

Air conditioners are the most sought after.

Cyber Monday heladeras

Other offers and main searches were refrigerators and freezers, in these events many take the opportunity to compare prices, review the best options and take advantage of discounts.

Several stores offer varied prices that start at 29 thousand and there are 6, 12, 18, 24 and 30 installments without interest.

The refrigerator is another of the most sought after products and that users take advantage of to buy.

In addition to home appliances, users conducted the following searches in the last few days.

Cyber ​​Monday Guide: How to Find the Best Deals

Knowing where to compare CyberMonday prices is a important tool to take advantage of real offers and not be victims of deception. That is why it is good to know pages to see offers and price history.

One of the best pages is Price History was born with the aim of benefiting buyers “and allowing them to find the best deals in a social context where saving is very important.” Likewise, it is shown as an incentive for those companies that offer real offers to stand out and be identified by customers.

In the case of still not knowing where to compare prices, another of the pages to check Cyber ​​Monday prices and detect real offers is Barometer. It is a website that offers a search engine among the best online stores. “The objective is to present our users with the most complete view possible of the articles available on the web, in direct sales in stores, so that they always find the lowest price,” they point out on their site.

If you still can’t find a good price, the platform is another of the options to compare prices. There they also allow you to compare prices and fees among thousands of products from the best online stores, identifying the lowest price first.

Finally, another of the best pages for Cyber ​​Monday is There you can also find the best price according to the item you want to search for. They have information on more than 30 stores and thousands of products. And you can see the evolution of the value of the product in recent weeks.

Tips for buying insurance on Cyber ​​Monday

The Ombudsman’s Office of the Province of Buenos Aires suggested during Cyber ​​Monday to verify that the consumptions are made in “safe” sites, save proof of purchases, request a tracking number on the shipment and take into account the six-month guarantee, among other points.

“If you buy by phone, by mail, online, you have the possibility to ‘undo the purchase’ and return the product (without indicating the cause) in ten consecutive days, from receipt of the same, and they cannot charge you any fine or charge for exercising this right, “he said.

He thus clarified that “the costs of moving the merchandise are borne by the seller and undoing the purchase implies that they must refund the money.”

In addition, he pointed out: “Check before making the purchase online that it is a ‘secure website’, the url must start with ‘https: //’ instead of the ‘http: //’ of traditional pages”.

“If possible, check the prices of the items to buy on different web pages, in this way you get reference prices and reduce ignorance of prices,” he said.

The Ombudsman’s Office also recommended asking for and keeping the purchase ticket or invoice: “Remember that it is the best legal way to prove the link with the trade and it will also be the necessary document to facilitate enforcing the guarantee.”

“All new products have a minimum legal guarantee of six months, the used three months, the seller can extend that period, never reduce it,” he said.

He also indicated that “the published price must always be respected”, while underlining: “If you are going to pay with credit or debit cards they cannot make surcharges (debit or credit even a payment in installments they have to charge you the same as if you will pay in cash) “.

“Remember that you have the possibility of repentance. The companies in their pages or web applications must have published the link called ‘Repentance Button’, through which the consumer may request the revocation of the acceptance of the purchased product or contracted service, it must be found on the home page, “he said.

Advertisements with the message of “promotion valid while supplies last” or “limited quantities” should also be taken into account, since the merchant has to inform the units available.

In turn, the delivery period is part of the offer and must be respected, so the company must provide a tracking number on the shipment and give you correct attention to your queries.